Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer guarantees laughter for each other’s actions. When everyone arrives and sees the bubble balls, the tension rises. Nobody knows how it works and how the bubble football will go. After the whistle we really start. A push to the right, BUMP, you land two meters away and you roll a little further. Bubble soccer is hilarious to play, but just as much fun to watch. It’s fun for everyone to play, from young to old, sporty or less sporty. Furthermore, a game of bubble soccer strengthens the teambuilding in your group. Would you like to organize a whole day at Aloha? We are happy to help you! From organizing to various activities to preparing food and drinks: we take care of your perfect beach day! Does that mean BBQ’s on the beach? That’s possible! But would you rather go surfing and enjoy a drink? We arrange that too. Request a quote and see what we can do for you!


1,5 hours


from 10 people


€ 33,- p.p.