Highland Games

Legend has it that the first Highland Games were held in Scotland in the 11th century: Scottish Clans competed in tournament form to see who was the strongest. Nowadays the Highland Games are a worldwide concept!

Release the beast inside you during this beach getaway. Ideal as a company outing or bachelor outing with lots of competition and cooperation between colleagues or friends. Because The Highland Games are also popular as an original group outing, or as a unique bachelor party.

Before we let go of the primeval man in you, you will receive an extensive game explanation so you know what to expect. Then we’ll form the teams and let the battle begin! Under loud cheering (and a lot of laughter) from your fellow combatants, you’ll go through the ordeal. Think ancient tug-of-war, pushing a pole, throwing a tree trunk and much more!   At the end of the tournament you will gather at the starting point and be told which team is the undisputed winner.

We think it’s important that you have a nice beach day! That’s why it is possible to combine different activities. You can also extend the day with extra food and drinks. Request a quote and see what we can do for you!


1,5 hours


from 10 people


€ 25,- p.p.