Landboarding is the sequel to power kiting. First you learn how to fly a kite with a big kite, after which you ride a kind of skateboard on the beach. You can landboard in the summer as well as in the winter. Landboarding is also a real fun activity! Ideal as a company outing, group outing or friends outing.

Get a breath of fresh air on the beach! To be able to landboard well, you need low tide and of course enough wind. During the clinic you will learn the different techniques of landboarding. This clinic is given by a professional instructor.

All our beach activities can be perfectly combined. So you never have to choose! Would you like to be pampered for a whole day? That’s also possible! We are ready to serve you a delicious dinner, lunch or drink. We have a wide range of snacks and drinks!


1,5 hours


From 8 people


€ 36,- p.p.