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Surf Training

Can you already surf a bit, but do you want to continue working on your technique? Do you feel like you are no longer a beginner, and do you want to continue surfing down the line ? That is all possible during our surf training!

When there are waves, we enter the water with a group. We work in smaller groups than an average surf lesson, so that the instructor has every opportunity to guide everyone individually.

During the surf training you work on your own goals that have been discussed with the instructor in advance. The surf training courses are divided into different levels so that training is always done at your own level.

Do you have your own surfboard, and would you like to improve on it? You can take it with you to the surf training!

Time duration

2 hours


€ 100,- p.p. per 4 lessons excluding material
€ 125,- per 4 lessons including material


17 - 99

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