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Frequently asked questions

That varies from person to person. Most people can stand a bit or very short after the first lesson. My advice: take a beginners course of 4 lessons (€ 135) and you will have the basics for surfing. After that you can rent surfgear to get even better.

The minimum age for children’s surfing lessons is 6 years, provided they have a swimming certificate. There is no maximum age.

We have fixed children’s lessons and regular lessons. Check the booking form for schedule times.

Yeah, we sure are. We also give surf lessons in the evening. We’re open till sunset!

Yes, you need to bring a towel to dry off after surfing lessons. Also bring a bag to put all your clothes in.

No, all materials are included in the lesson. We have wetsuits in all sizes. The surfboards have a soft top and soft fins, especially for beginners. We also have shoes, gloves and caps for the colder days.

Women can wear a bikini or a bathing suit. Men should wear tight swimming trunks/bottoms.

You will receive a text message confirming whether or not the surfing lesson will continue.

We have pin. Nowadays you can even pay with MasterCard or Visa with us. However, we do not accept American Express.

Yes, of course. We’d like to hear this in advance. Please email

Yes! Surfing lessons always continue unless we decide to cancel it.

No, to join a surf class you must have at least your b-diploma and be able to swim 50 meters on your own.