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Surf Lesson in Scheveningen

At Aloha we have surf lessons for everyone: young, old, beginner, advanced, alone or with a group. The surf lessons take place in Scheveningen, at the most famous surf spot in the Benelux! Our surf instructors are available all year round to get into the water with you and teach you how to surf!

surfles scheveningen

Do you love water? And do you feel like braving the Dutch waves? Then surf lessons might be something for you! Never stood on a surfboard? Then you can start with an introduction lesson. Have you got the hang of it and do you want to surf every week? Then join Aloha’s surf club! Whichever surf lesson you choose, fun is guaranteed!

surfles scheveningen

Surf lesson for adults

Ever too old to take surfing lessons? We think not! Our instructors are available 365 days a year to teach you how to surf! Would you rather not just go into the water? Sign up for group surf lessons and make new surf buddies right away! Do you have the feeling that you are no longer a beginner, and do you want to continue surfing down the line? Then join the weekly surf training! Surf lessons are always fun!