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Food & Drinks at Aloha Beach club

From crispy sweet potato fries to fresh salads: Aloha Beachclub has something delicious for every moment of the day! Enjoy the sun and delicious food and get lost in the tropical Aloha vibes. Before you know it, the sun has already disappeared behind the horizon!



The menu offers various vegan and vegetarian options and fair trade coffee and tea is purchased. We also purchase various organic brands such as Tony Chocolonely, Ben and Jerry’s and Nice Ice.

We also work with local small businesses, including butchers, the old craft that supplies free-range meat/organic meat. Or the bakery that supplies our organic sourdough bread. And of course the local Hague and Scheveningen beers that we purchase from the Scheveningen and Kompaan breweries. In addition, we purchase cleaning products that comply with an eco-label and our work clothing is made from organic cotton.

To prevent food waste, Aloha purchases as little as possible to ensure that little is left at the end of the day. What remains is given to employees. No plastic is used in the restaurant, everything that is purchased is packaged in paper or glass.


Pamper yourself with a delicious breakfast by the sea! Avocado toast, croissants or vegan acai bowl, we have something for everyone. Just finished a nice surf session? We are happy to prepare a delicious breakfast for you when you come out of the water satisfied!


We are happy to prepare a delicious lunch for you when you come out of the water satisfied! Vegan croquettes on bread, a tropical poke bowl or bao buns with pork belly or vegan rendang. What are you interested in? View the menu quickly!


Naturally, the drinks also include snacks on the table. We have a wide choice of bites. We have bites with an Asian twist, but of course also the classics. Are you vegan? Also for you have plenty of options. To lick your fingers!


Don’t feel like cooking after a wonderful day at the beach? Come and dine with us with a sea view! We have an extensive menu with dishes with an Asian twist, or just a delicious burger, vegan or meat. Check the menu for all options!


Fancy a cup of coffee? We are happy to make a nice coffee for you! And did we mention that Aloha is the perfect location for a nice drink? Our terrace has sun all day and you can enjoy lounging. We have 22 different beers, organic wines and soft drinks. Sounds good, right?