Beach Games

Let your brain crack during one of the riddles, use your strength during the tug-of-war and test your cooperation in the water race. Enough challenge at the Beach Games!

Ever heard of ‘Walking A’? This is a real teambuilding game where speed, strength and cooperation are essential. Another game where cooperation is well put to the test is ‘Skilunning’. Of course you can also compete against each other during the games ‘Flying Carpet’ and ‘Caterpillar’. Excitement and sensation during Silent Chaos and Wobbling Tables. But we can’t tell you exactly what that is!

Who do you challenge for an afternoon full of beach games?

All our beach activities can be perfectly combined. So you never have to choose! Would you like to be pampered for a whole day? That’s possible too! We are ready to serve you a delicious dinner, lunch or drinks. We have a wide range of snacks and drinks!


1,5 hours


from 10 people


€ 22,50 p.p.