Longboard & Skateboard Workshop

Come cruising along the boulevard of Scheveningen during a longboard or skateboard workshop!

The boulevard is “the place to be” for skaters and longboarders when the sun is shining and the perfect workout for when there are no waves!

During the lesson you will learn the basics of longboarding or skateboarding. This way you will learn the right foot position, stepping and of course braking! And don’t be afraid, because you also get the necessary protection!

Whether you come with a kids party or family day, longboarding and skateboarding is a wonderful outdoor activity for young and old!

All our beach activities can be perfectly combined. So you never have to choose! Would you like to be pampered for a whole day? That’s also possible! We are ready to serve you a delicious dinner, lunch or drink. We have a wide range of snacks and drinks!


1,5 hours


8 - 30 people


up to 16 years: € 12.50 p.p.
16 years and older: € 17,50 p.p.