SUP workshop

Do you have enough balance to stand on a board? Test it out during a workshop SUP-ping, or Stand Up Paddleboarding! This active workshop is perfect for a summer day when there are no waves. After we’ve explained the paddle technique and safety rules, you’ll go into the water with a big surfboard and a paddle. And yes, your balance will be put to the test. Which one of your family, friends or colleagues is in the water first?

Important: SUP-ping is only possible when there is little wind and waves. If this is the case, we offer surfing as an alternative. Look for more info about this workshop at “Surf Workshop”.

All our beach activities can be perfectly combined. So you never have to choose! Would you like to be pampered for a whole day? That’s possible too! We are ready to serve you a delicious dinner, lunch or drink. We have a wide range of snacks and drinks!

Time duration

1,5 hours


From 6 people


€ 27,50 p.p.